Random sketching.

Finished :)

So I haven’t posted anything in ages. But I’ve been busy! Since my last post I finished my dissertation (pretty sure that wasn’t done by my last post…), I completed all my exams, I travelled around Europe by train for a few weeks with a friend and I got a job offer (yay!!! I start late July!).
So busy but good.

I tried my hand at a bit of painting today. I like it so far :)
I cannot remember the link to the reference picture but the credit for the composition of this picture is not down to me but some other creative human being. If anyone happens to know who the original photographer was, please let me know :)

I never finish anything anymore…

The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Using only charcoal for this one.

Getting further…
My sibling has requested this one so I’m hoping to get it done relatively quickly. Not quite pleased with it just now (the hair has been driving me mad) but hopefully it’ll be better by the time I finish :)

Oh look. Finally another drawing :) well, WIP.

7. The earth is not enough – A book that sets places in another world.

Ancillary Justice
By Ann Leckie
Genre: Sci-Fi

I absolutely loved ‘Ancillary Justice’. Just saying. Loved it. My favourite book of the year so far.

I originally got ‘Ancillary Justice’ because the blurb intrigued me and I thought the title sounded beautiful. I just loved the sound of it. Once I finished the book I loved it even more.

I found ‘Ancillary Justice’ very original and creative. I haven’t read anything like it before. I did not guess the ending, which is wonderful - I love it when books keep you guessing and it always disappoints me when a plot is too predictable.
I loved the characters.
I really love books which are thought provoking and I found the themes and ideas of civilisation, doing the right thing (sound a bit vague but I wasn’t sure what else to call it) and identity really interesting.
I also enjoyed the way Leckie tackled ideas about gender within different cultures. The main character in the novel uses the feminine pronoun for either gender, as is what is done in her/his/it’s (we may never know :p) own culture. It was interesting to read the book in that way, never actually knowing what gender anyone was until someone else pointed it out and sometimes (often?) you never found out what gender people had. I had to remind myself regularly that just because characters were referred to as ‘she’ didn’t necessarily mean that they were female.
My only qualm is that there are some ideas which she touches on, but where I wish she had examined them a bit more, e.g. the idea of justice versus vengeance.

Favourite quote: “If you’re going to make a desperate, hopeless act of defiance you should make it a good one.”

Love this.

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The new term at my Uni has the unfortunate consequence of having swallowed up all my drawing time.

I am a slow drawer. Thus my drawing habits have evolved into a strange pattern of phases of high frequency of drawings produced and low frequency phases. This is unfortunately a low frequency phase.

Instead, so my blog doesn’t peter out and die, I figure I will turn to one of my other loves in life, and one which enjoys a constant high frequency - reading.

I have a good friend who has a lovely book-blog, and when I saw that she was doing this challenge I decided to give it a go.

I hope I don’t bore you too much ;)


Welcome to the February book challenge of KEEP CALM AND SMELL BOOKS!

  1. Books you’ve read in January.
  2. If you would write your own book – What would be in it? (A character, a place, etc.)
  3. A book that changed your life.
  4. A signed book you have. (quit this if you don’t have one/or make a wish)
  5. A book you want to read to your children.
  6. The Superhero – You’re favorite Hero-Character in a book. (Real-Life-Hero, a character with superpowers, whatever is a hero for you.)
  7. The earth is not enough – A book that sets places in another world.
  8. A book that someone has recommended you and you liked/disliked it.
  9. Friendship – A book that showed you what real friendship is.
  10. A E-Book you’ve read.
  11. A book you look most forward to in 2014.
  12. Favorite book of 2013.
  13. A book you always come back to.
  14. Best female character.
  15. Best male character.
  16. A book you want to live in.
  17. A book that gave you nightmares.
  18. Favorite book of a series.
  19. An ending you wish you could change.
  20. The worst sequel.
  21. Best mystery book.
  22. A series you didn’t finish.
  23. A fictional character death you can’t get over.
  24. True Love – An OTP.
  25. A book that could be a good Musical.
  26. An author who should have written more books/should writes more books.
  27. A title you love.
  28. What you plan to read in March.


  • You can do it with a picture or with text.
  • If you use a picture that is not yours – please put a credit!
  • You can always send us questions and we’re going to help you!
  • You don’t have to do all of them – so if your mind is empty: Don’t worry!
  • You can mix the days if you want!
  • Tag your posts with: keep calm and accept a book challenge & keepcalmandsmellbooks

But the biggest one: Have fun and let us be part of your world of books!

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Christmas resulted in an expansion of my drawing kit. I am very happy :)